White and Black Mosaic Tiles – Simple Elegance, Timeless Decor

Color as an indicator of social mood has significant commercial implications with different palettes attributed to different arenas, environment and culture. Colors and Fashion have been synonymous since time unknown.

The contrasting spill of black and white is a great idea.

•Its usage gives an elegant look and breaks the monotony. Hence its often used while doing the interiors of the house or workplace.

•Putting up an art which is bright in colors abundant with intricate details with various shades of reds, blues, oranges and gold in a living room with a black and white theme is quite a challenge.

•It is crucial to understand the control of colors in a room and how to put them across in right proportions in a tasteful manner to create an aura of simple elegance and timely decor.

Mosaic tiles – Decor beyond Imagination

Contrast colours: Mosaic tiles are largely used in black and white colour in houses, offices and commercial places to create an element of interest. For believers of Feng shui, the color black represents power and protection, while white is both a symbol of innocence and wisdom. So both of them complement one another.

Ancestral Existence: Unlike most styles of tiling which can be traced to a certain period or country black and white colour on the walls has been predominantly existing with us since man first began to scratch on white walls with a blackened block of charcoal.

Gold flecks used smartly: Mosaic tiles in black is often contrasted with white and is used as flooring to decorate a hallway. A soft fleck of gold is added to the black to enhance the contrasting white mosaic tiles.

Explore the vastness: There are endless possibilities of creating beautiful patterns on the flooring as per your preference. The chequered chessboard arrangement is the most desirably popular of all. Black and white contrast has ancestral implications too.

The complementing decor to support the black and white flooring can look good with supporting contemporary accessories and artefact’s. One should use enough play on the walls and upholstery to complement the flooring in black and white. The rest of the spaces could be kept simple. As ornate elements gel with Indian art, modern sleek look looks good as contrast.

The usage of tiles in black and white colour is that they tend to bring an amazing amount of power and drama to any room regardless of the concept.

Helpful Tips in Choosing Oak Dining Room Sets

The living room is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in any given house. This is the place where not only meals are shared, but even events that happened during the day of each family member. With the family gathered around the table enjoying their meals, kids can talk about how their day at school went, any projects they may need to complete in school, and even pleasant or unpleasant experiences with their classmates. Parents can catch up on what happened during their day, how work was, and talk about other things together with their children. And what better way to have all this happen while being comfortably seated in dining room chairs made from oak.

Wooden furniture made with oak is known for being durable and strong. As a matter of fact, most furniture made with oak last for a very long time to the point that it is handed down to the next generations, from parents to children and so on. As such, purchasing oak furniture is truly an investment on its own, not to mention the fact that this kind of wood adds a certain charm and elegance to any home.

As the dining room is one of the most used parts of the house, choosing oak dining room sets would be to your advantage. Oak dining room sets may seem to be a bit expensive compared to other dining sets made of wood, but it is really an investment and a wise purchase choice. You can expect your kids to grow up with the oak dining set without having to worry about it becoming damaged or broken, especially if it is not abused.

One of the things you should consider when choosing oak dining room sets is the number of people which can be seated all at the same time. For a small family, a dining set for six people may seem like a great choice, and it is. This should give you extra space should you have any visitors over and maybe if you decide to have more kids in the future. However, if you are living with relatives or belong to a big family, then choosing a dining set for more people would be the best way to go.

Now that you have how many seats you need, try to visit and check out the chairs and tables yourself. Make sure you and everybody else who is going to sit with you and your family during meal time has enough elbow room to move while eating. Sit back on the chair and find out if it is comfortable enough. Examine the height of the chair as well, and if you can easily place your feet down to the floor while sitting down. Do not forget to check out the colour of the seat cushion and if it will work with the rest of the decorations in your living room. Also, consider how much cleaning and maintenance is needed for the cushions.

The next thing to keep in mind is the shape of the table itself. People with smaller kids may be concerned about the kids running into the corners of the table, and this is true. If this is the case, then choose oval or round tables.

You should also make sure that both the table and the chairs do not wobble. Oak is one of the kinds of wood you do not have to worry about at all nor do you have to doubt its strength and durability, but you also need to take into consideration how the dining set was manufactured. Make sure that all ends are smooth and finished, the varnish or paint is applied evenly, and that the cushion is properly attached to the chair itself. You should also make sure that the surface of the table is smooth and even and that all of its legs are flat on the floor and the table itself is stable.

Choosing oak dining room sets is not difficult at all, as long as you know what you want and what to look out for. The tips mentioned in this article also apply when you are shopping for an oak computer desk as well as oak wardrobes.

Practical Tips in Choosing Bookcases for your Home

Great bookcases are a welcome addition to any home, especially the home of a booklover. An oak bookcase is a great choice for people who want a stylish and functional bookcase to use in the home. Furniture pieces such as an oak computer desk, act as both a decorative and functional piece of furniture. The computer desk, if it is the type with drawers underneath, can serve as storage space for paper and other office supplies. On the other hand, bookcases can hold a lot of other things in addition to books. This article discusses several practical tips in choosing bookcases for your home.

Where the Bookcase will be Placed One of the things you should consider when choosing bookcases is where you will be putting it. This will give you an idea of how big or how small of a bookcase you can buy. You will also be able to choose a bookcase which fits the corner of your living room, or maybe even occupy one whole wall if you have a lot of things to store in it. In any case, you should have an idea of where you will place the bookcase even before you go out and look for one, so that you can make a realistic choice in terms of size.

Stationary or Mobile If you are the type of person who likes to move the furniture in their home around for a new look every season or perhaps you have sudden urges to redecorate, then choose a bookcase which is easy to move. If you know that where you will be placing the bookcase will be its permanent place in the home, then go with a stationary one, or one which is mounted or installed in your wall. There are some bookcases available in which you will have to assemble it yourself, and the stationary ones which will be fixed on your wall will need some form of installation, so that is an additional cost you should consider.

The Height of Rows Different bookcases have different numbers of rows, and most of the time, these rows come in different heights or sizes as well. It is therefore important that you know how tall the books you will be placing in the bookcase are, as well as any other decorative items and collectibles you will be placing. If you can measure the books you will be storing by inches, then that would be the best thing to do. You should also measure any knick knacks, decorative items, collectibles, and even bookends which you will be placing inside the bookcase to ensure everything will fit. Do not forget to have a few inches of allowance so that you can easily add more things inside the bookcase as the situation allows for it.

Design and Style Most of the time, bookcases can be viewed by other people who enter your home, like your guests for example. As such, it is important that you choose a bookcase that will be an attractive addition to your home. If you are buying a bookcase for a living room with existing furniture as an addition to the room, make sure you choose a bookcase that looks great with the rest of the living room furniture. You should also make sure that the decorative items you will be placing in the bookcase alongside your books and reading materials all have a pleasant look and feel with them.

You can also find bookcases which come with beautifully detailed carvings which add a more elegant and sophisticated touch to your bookcase. If you have a living room which is decorated pretty much with antiques, then you should look for a bookcase which is made of treated wood which gives it an antique look, even though it may be brand new. You can also purchase a bookcase painted a certain colour which goes well with the rest of your home.

When it comes to bookcases, choosing a decorative and stylish yet functional one is a must. If you are looking for a bookcase for your home, an oak bookcase is usually the best choice because of its durability and strength. Consider getting an oak computer desk as well to match your bookcase.

Decorating with Bronze Switchplates

Bronze switchplates are a simple and economical way to make a house look classier. They immediately improve the look of a room over one that only sports drab plastic switch covers. The following are some ideas and things to keep in mind concerning decorating with switch covers.

Different Designs

There are many different designs available with switchplates. Just as with any other decorative item, designers and retailers have explored many different patterns and approaches to these items. They may be simple, smooth and flat or sport extremely elaborate high relief sculptural work. A good approach when shopping for bronze switchplates is to get a sense of the decorative themes in a house and of the kinds of designs the consumer is interested in through magazines or friends’ and family members’ homes to find designs along these general lines. There are online companies that offer these items and have full lines of switch covers.

Switch Types

There are two prominent types of switches that are commonly used in residences: toggle switches and rocker switches. The most common is the toggle switch, which is the basic kind with the protruding toggle that one flicks on and off. The rocker switch is larger, flatter, and more easily manipulated with an open hand.

These two types of switches use different sorts of plates, so when purchasing this item the consumer needs to know the exact number of both toggle and rocker switches for which they require cover plates.

Compatible Plates

Other wall outlets besides switches need covers as well of course. If a home owner is going for design consistency he or she might thus consider matching the bronze switch covers with covers for other jacks and outlets such as phone jacks, cable entry points, electrical outlets, data jacks, and so forth. Bronze covers are available for these items as well.


Bronze covers may cost slightly more than plastic plates and are worth the expense for the added value they bring to a home. The homeowner should budget the costs of this decorative item as with any others in their overall interior design plan. If cost becomes an issue the consumer may want to think in terms of using the switchplates in one or a few prominent rooms such as the living room or the bedroom.

Although a bronze switchplate is not the first thing that a consumer may have in mind when considering home decoration, it can have a large impact on the looks of a room for relatively low cost. They are therefore a good design option to keep in mind. This one minor upgrade may have more of an effect on the appearance of a room or a whole house than the consumer expects.

Designer Rugs Gives Your Room An Elegant Look

Everybody wants their house to look beautiful. For this they take utmost care while furnishing their home, with regards choosing the paint color for the walls, tiles for the floor, the curtains, furniture etc and decorate the rooms, especially the living room, with wall paintings, flowers, family photos, candle-stands etc. A home should not only look beautiful, but it should give a pleasant feeling and be a comfortable place to live in. It should also make your guests comfortable and relaxed. Using rugs in your house enhances the look of your house. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, designs and materials, and using the rug in the right area makes your house look more stylish and elegant and add warmth to your house.

Rugs can change the overall look of the room, so you have to keep in mind a few things while selecting a rug. First is the budget. You can get synthetic rugs for normal rates, or wool or silk rugs at very expensive rates. Then you have to decide what size you want for the room you are going to use it. Thirdly you have to decide whether you want a patterned rug or plain one, the texture of the rug, and you have to also decide the color to co-ordinate with your home decor. Rugs are of different types like Area rugs, Persian rugs, Outdoor rugs, Oriental rugs, Antique rugs etc. Rugs can be hand-woven like Hand Knotted Rugs, Hand Tufted Rugs, Hand Loomed Rugs, Flat Weave Rugs and Hooked Rugs, machine woven Rugs, or Braided Rugs which are made by hand and machine.

If you want to give your room a focal point then you can go in for area rugs. An area rug can be used to change the look of your room. Area rugs can be placed in front of the fireplace, under the dining table, under the pool table, if you have a games room, or on the carpet area which is used often. A rectangular area rug can even be used at the entrance, which will not only beautify the area, but is also a great way to stop your carpet from getting dirty. If you have a old, worn out, stained carpet, and if you can’t afford a new carpet, the best thing you can do is to place a colorful area rug over it, which will altogether give your room a new look. Similarly if you have an antique piece of furniture, you can place a contemporary rug underneath it to create a focal point and bring attention to it. Carpets in the children’s room can get spoiled very fast, and placing contemporary rugs on the carpet not only protects wear and tear of the carpet, but also adds color to the room. Fun mood or serious mood can be created with these contemporary rugs, which are available in various sizes and shapes.

If you want to create an elegant look to your room, then a designer rug is the perfect choice. Designer rugs have abstract designs that look great in your room. You can choose a modern or contemporary rug, a Persian rug, Oriental rug, or Victorian rug. What ever the choice, they definitely add style to the room.

Redecorating Your Living Room

After you have lived in one place for long enough, it goes from simply being someplace you live into being your home. When you are at home you should always feel a sense of warmth and comfort in every room, but this is especially true when it comes to your living or family room. If you feel your décor has gotten a little stale over the years, it may be time to consider a redecoration project. In just a few weekends you can enhance the look and feel of your living space with just a few simple upgrades.

The first thing you will want to take into consideration is the style of room décor you want to go with. Do you like traditional or contemporary looks? Is it time to try something a little more daring with a modern setup? Whichever approach you settle on should dictate how you plan your décor purchases and decisions. For example if you want to design a modern living room, floral wall decals might not be the first thing on your shopping list.

After your initial decisions about design style are made, it is time to start planning what you will need to update. Your furniture is the first place to start. Decide if your current set fits the look you are going for, and if it doesn’t consider buying a new room group to keep a consistent look without having to shop around too much. If your furniture is in good shape, you can move onto other things like new wall décor or other living room accessories like TV stands and coffee tables. The key thing you will want to keep in mind is consistency among each furniture piece and decoration and making sure everything ties in with your initial design plans.

If you want to redecorate your living room but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you might want to think about cost saving measures you can take early on. There is several furniture outlets that sell used or slightly damaged furniture that will fit your plans, or you can even try online auction sites for good deals. No matter what route you decide to take you need to keep in mind that the end result should be something you will embrace. If you find comfort and beauty in your current home décor, then the only change you may need to make is a new plant to put near your favorite chair.